Christmas Festival. Colorful Christmas. Trio Art-i-Shock

Tr. 26. Decembris 2018 17:00

Mazā zāle

Performers: Trio Art-i-Shock - Agnese Egliņa (piano, harpsichord), Elīna Endzele (percussions), Guna Šnē (cello) and Guntars Prānis (hurdy-gurdy)


I part

Gregorian melody
In dedication

Peire VIDAL (1175-1205)
Baros de mon tan covit

Marin MARAIS (1656-1728)
Folies d' Espagne

Osvaldo GOLIHOV (1960)
Suite in ancient style
I Pastorale
II Ballet
III Minuet
IV Pantomime
V Fugue

II part

Christmas Dance

Anonymous, 12th century 
Res est admirabilis (Limoges)

Anonymous, 16th century
Bouree L'Orientale

Diego ORTIZ (1510-1570)
Recercada Primera Sobre El Canto Llano „La Spagna”
Recercada Segunda Sobre el Passamezzo Moderno

Arturs MASKATS (1957)
Suite from the play “The Keys to Magic” from the repertoire of Mikhail Chekhov Riga Russian Theatre

Dance from Brittany


Trio ART-i-SHOCK is one of the best, most original and well known chamber ensembles in Latvia, with a unique and unusual instrumental composition on a European scale. Since its founding in 2011, three excellent musicians with different personalities and temperaments play in the trio - pianist Agnese Egliņa, percussionist Elīna Endzele and cellist Guna Šnē. Enthusiasm for artistic perfection, a wish to surprise, please and sometimes provoke the audience in a friendly manner, is ciphered in the name of the ensemble. Fine humour, elements of the play, creative shock as the basis of new creation and self-discovery. The concert programmes of ART-i-SHOCK are filled with contrasts and musical experiments. In cooperation with the composers, the trio is expanding and improving their repertoire of original music, written for cello, piano and percussion instruments, as well as promoting the creation of new work. Their interpretations have inspired the enthusiasm of critics to thoroughly examine each work, the fine performances of contemporary music and technical craftsmanship. Artists such as Kristaps Pētersons, Linda Leimane, Platons Buravickis, Andris Dzenītis, Agneta Krilova, Santa Bušs, Sabīne Ķezbere, Rihards Dubra, Juris Karlsons, Marina Gribinčika, Jānis Lūsēns, Andris Vecumnieks, Jēkabs Nīmanis, Evija Skuķe and many more have devoted their works for the trio ART-i-SHOCK.

Forming of the trio was a coincidence. All three participants, nominated for the Grand Music Award for an excellent performance in an ensemble, performed Astor Piazzolla’s opus Milonga del anunciacion, arranged by composer Andrei Pushkarev, and decided to transform their first collaboration on stage from a coincidence into a constantly performing bright artistic union. The creative everyday life of the ART-i-SHOCK trio consists of performances in all Latvian regions; they have also performed in Norway, Estonia, Lithuania, Albania, Gibraltar and Greece.

The ensemble has performed in music festivals such as “Latvian New Music Days”, “Arena”, “Latvian Music Celebration in Madona”, percussionist festival in Ukmerģe, European Music Forum, as well as performed its programme in festivals such as “Sansusi”, “Dominante”, “European Christmas” and Riga Festival. Collaborated with the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra, Liepāja Symphony Orchestra and orchestra “Rīga”.

In 2017, the ART-i-SHOCK trio was nominated for the Grand Music Award for an excellent performance in chamber music, and became one of the first residing ensembles for the Latvian Radio 3 “Classic”. In cooperation with the national record label “Skani”, ART-i-SHOCK trio released their first album in 2017, which received the Annual Latvian Music Recording Award “Golden Microphone 2018” under the “Academic Music Album of the Year” category.

In 2018, the ART-i-SHOCK trio has become the residing ensemble of Dzintari Concert Hall for the season of 2018/2019.

Event producer: Dzintari Concert Hall