Christmas Festival. Concert for family "Miks the Clown and Christmas"

Sv. 23. Decembris 2018 12:00

Mazā zāle

Performers: Miks the Clown with his stage partner Marī. Bubble performances and dog show accompanied by piano and percussion instruments.

The best Christmas adventures are only possible together with the CIRCUS!

Clown Miks has been well known to Latvia's circus visitors for many years now, working in many Riga Circus shows, visiting many places across Latvia, teaching classes in the circus studio "Arlekīns" in Salaspils, as well as being the honourable host of the International Children and Youth Circus Festival "World Full of Wonders". Clown Miks can juggle with various objects, balance them, as well as stand on a ladder that is not fastened anywhere! And this is not all! Getting to the top of the ladder... he plays the violin!
Christmas time is a time of beautiful melodies. In the wonderful show of clown Miks, musical performances will be held by him, his friends and the audience.

Event producer: Dzintari Concert Hall