Musical performance "One mind with Another"

Pr. 11. Februāris 2019 19:00

Mazā zāle

Performers: Renārs Kaupers (voice, guitar), Iveta Apkalna (organ), Children's Choir of Jānis Ivanovs Rezekne Music Secondary School, Einārs Lipskis (keyboards), Mārcis Lipskis (bass), Pēteris Narubins (guitar, mandolin), Jurģis Lipskis, Pauls Šūnemanis (percussion), Lolita Svilāne (flute), Kārlis Rupainis (cello), solo Marie Jo Schuenemann.


8 planētu brīnumdziesma (Song of Wonders of the 8 Planets - Renārs Kaupers/Indra Sproģe)
Kas māca mūs lasīt (Who Teaches Us to Read - Renārs Kaupers/Inese Zandere)
Māja, skurstenis un mēs (A House, Chimney and Us - Renārs Kaupers/Inese Zandere)
Mazais Žanis (Little Žanis - Renārs Kaupers/Moriss Krēmers (arr. Cecīlija Dinere))
Sliņķa dziesma (Song of a Lazy Man - Renārs Kaupers/Indra Sproģe)
Kaķu vakara staigāmdziesma (A Song for an Evening Walk for Cats - Renārs Kaupers/Inese Zandere)
Vakarā (In the Evening - Renārs Kaupers/Inese Zandere)
Lietusbikses (Rainpants - Renārs Kaupers/Inese Zandere)
Zivtiņu nedēļdziesma (Week Song for Fish - Renārs Kaupers/Indra Sproģe)
Cukurdozes valsītis (Waltz of a Sugar Jar - Renārs Kaupers/Indra Sproģe)
Krokodīlis (Crocodile - Renārs Kaupers/Indra Sproģe)
Divi prāti (Two Minds - Renārs Kaupers/Inese Zandere)
Rīta darbs (Morning Job - Renārs Kaupers/Inese Zandere)
Music by Dmitri Shostakovich, Imants Zemzars and Georges Bizet will also be performed.


"Viens prāts ar otru" (One Mind with Another) is a heartwarming musical performance, created specially for the 2017 organ music festival "ORGANismi", based on songs by Renārs Kaupers. An integral part of all festivals and the wish of Iveta is the performances with children - in the first year, they were a tribute to Rainis; the second year, the source of inspiration was the tales by Gianni Rodari, but last year - in collaboration with Renārs Kaupers. The concert programme "One Mind with Another" is based on new arrangements of children's songs by Renārs Kaupers, performed by the author, Children's Choir of Jānis Ivanovs Rezekne Music Secondary School, instrumental band led by Einārs Lipskis and Iveta Apkalna, organist and artistic director of the "ORGANismi" festival. The main intrigue of the musical performance: can the songs by Renārs Kaupers also be played on organ?
Foreign media describes the performance of Iveta Apkalna: “She is a star with an unusual instrument for a star, combining the phenomenal artistry and the maturity of creative interpretation" (Der Standart). Iveta is one of the most active and popular solo organists in Europe. Her play combines a brilliant sense of concert, perfect virtuosity and impeccable sense of style. Iveta's sparkling enthusiasm and serious attitude towards work, as well as her thoughtful attitude for details and ability to create impressive interpretations, allow her to royally rule the instrument; it is known as the crown of creation of a musical instrument. Iveta considers her special mission to be playing the organ outside the church's walls, thus propagating the organ as an excellent instrument for concerts without the sacral function.
Since January 2017, Iveta Apkalna is the honorary organist of the Elbphilharmonie (Titularorganistin), regularly performing there, as well as being the artistic director and creator of the organ concert programmes of this hall.
Iveta Apkalna has made a great contribution to the development of Latvian music life, ensuring that Latgale Embassy GORS has had its own digital organ since spring 2014. Iveta is also the artistic director of the organ music festival “ORGANismi”, taking place at the Embassy.

Event producer: Dzintari Concert Hall