Jubilee festival "SUMMERTIME 15" PUERTO CANDELARIA (COLOMBIA). Latin Jazz. Colombian dance music and jazz

Ot. 06. Augusts 2019 20:00

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Jubilee festival SUMMERTIME 15 / PUERTO CANDELARIA (Colombia)

Latin Jazz. Colombian dance music and jazz

Hot Latin American music rhythms and special jazz interpretations in “Colombian style” will be heard in a light-hearted concert of the band Puerto Candelaria on August 6, at the Dzintari concert Hall in the framework of the anniversary year’s international music festival "Summertime – Inese Galante & Friends". Puerto Candelaria will visit Latvia for the first time to perform specially at the summer festival of Inese Galante in Jurmala with a completely new musical show.

Virtuosos from sunny Colombia are widely known outside their homeland’s borders – the magnificent band members’ energy lifts up the mood of thousands of visitors at the concerts across all continents of the world, letting them dance to the rhythm of Jazz a lo Colombiano and dream about eternal summer. The music of Puerto Candelaria is based on a widely known Colombian music rhythm full of fantasy and marvellous spirit that raises the feelings and bright emotions in listeners all over the world.

More about the musicians: https://www.puertocandelaria.com/ 

Event producer: Ineses Galantes Fonds

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