Jubilee festival "SUMMERTIME 15" Daniil Kramer & Denis Mazhukov (RUSSIA). JAZZ'N'ROLL for 2 pianos

Pk. 09. Augusts 2019 20:00

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Daniil Kramer & Denis Mazhukov (Russia). JAZZ'N'ROLL for 2 pianos

Daniil Kramer (piano) and Denis Mazhukov (vocal, piano)

rock'n'roll / jazz / blues / boogie-woogie

Two world-renowned Russian jazz musicians, endowed with incredible charisma and masterful piano skills - Daniil Kramer and Denis Mazhukov - will come together on the stage of Dzintari Concert Hall, allowing listeners to dive into a jazz and rock-and-roll atmosphere full of emotional freedom and musical enjoyment. The artists in the fullest sense of the words – undergo their every performance and reveal that they are united by true and unfeigned love for music and their calling.

Denis Mazhukov, the only musician in Russia who had the honour to record the album in the legendary recording studio Sun Records in Memphis, at the birthplace of rock'n'roll. Daniil Kramer – a unique representative of Russian jazz, one of the main bearers of jazz music worldwide and a man from the Guinness book of records. “We get a kick out of being on the stage and it's felt by everyone in the hall. Jazz and rock'n'roll are like a father and son. Rock'n'roll: a genius child of jazz. We invite everyone who wants to get younger in their souls and gain strong mental health to this concert."

Daniil Kramer and Denis Mazhukov invite all admirers of fine music to their concert “JAZZ 'N' ROLL for two pianos” on August 9, at Dzintari Concert Hall in the framework of the anniversary year’s international music festival “Summertime – Inese Galante & Friends”.

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