Sv. 01. Septembris 2019 19:00

Lielā zāle

Performers: DAGAMBA - Valters Pūce (cello), Antons Trocjuks (cello), Dainis Tenis (keyboard), Hamidreza Rahbaralam (percussions), Artūrs Jermaks (drums), Latvian Radio Bigband

Programme: pieces by Pyotr Tchaikovsky and original music by DAGAMBA

Approximate running time 1 hour 40 minutes.

The new concert programme is based on the idea of modern tradition creating an unusual collaboration between different musicians, thus discovering astonishing, unique and unheard-of tones. The concert programme “DAGAMBA feat TCHAIKOVSKY” includes not only Peter Tchaikovsky. It interacts with original music of the band, exceeding classical standards and making the seemingly impossible possible.

“Tchaikovsky, one of the great classics, is also present in modern times. His music is used in cinema soundtracks and computer games, while seeing the ballet “Nutcracker” is a Christmas tradition for many families worldwide. Therefore our new programme is a collaboration with the great master as if he were still living among us, just as his music is,” says Valters Pūce, leader of the band.

“When beginning the creation of the new concert programme we realised what a challenge it is to work with the romantic and deep music of Tchaikovsky. It is emotional and melodic, while DAGAMBA gives it dynamism and the rhythm of rock,” says pianist Dainis Tenis.

Event producer: Dzintari Concert Hall