Jubilee Concert of Raimonds Ozols

Sv. 01. Decembris 2019 17:00

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Description of the concert programme

Birthday concert of Raimonds Ozols

Performers: Raimonds Ozols (violin), Mārcis Auziņš (guitar), Raimonds Macats (piano)

For his birthday, Raimonds Ozols and friends offer a concert programme with special chamber versions by composers of different ages - Niccolò Paganini and Astor Piazzolla. The idea of the concert has been rising for a long time, inspired by a library of musical heritage, the pieces of which have not been heard so often in Latvia.

Niccolò Paganini's work relates to virtuoso violin play, but the composer has also created marvellous pieces for romantic chamber music: Duetto Amoroso, Grand sonata and Tercetto for violin, guitar and bass, which will be played in this concert. Each piece has its own story of origin, most often related to an intimate moment in the composer's life, echoed in the feelings or events of the hero of this concert. The first part of the concert is promised to be a radiance of love, revealing Paganini's pretentious brilliance and pompous character, as well as the humble and deep romance of love.

Also in the work of Astor Piazzolla, alongside the often-played passionate Argentinian tango, there are many unheard pieces. The pieces related to the deepest emotional experiences of Piazzolla, will be the most surprising ones.

The concert programme has been selected for the taste of a wide range audience, and the performers promise emotional enjoyment for everyone, because content creation and playing music is a passion for the musicians themselves. And, at the moment, all signs show that the concert will be very special!
See you soon at Dzintari Concert Hall!

Event producer: Dzintari Concert Hall