Weekend music. Jazz trio "Čudars, Auziņš, Arutjunjans"

Sv. 29. Septembris 2019 14:00

Mazā zāle

Performers: Matīss Čudars (guitar), Kārlis Auziņš (saxophone), Ivars Arutjunjans (drums)
Jānis Ozols (host)

Programme: Original compositions by Matīss Čudars and Kārlis Auziņš

Concert duration  ~1 hour 40 minutes 

One of Latvia’s brightest modern jazz projects is a trio of young musicians, Matīss Čudars, Kārlis Auziņš and Ivars Arutjunjans. The personal experience and international awards of each of these musicians boost the energy and presence of this band, drawing their good music sense and cultivating their talents in centres of jazz such as Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Paris.

This jazz trio does not stop with what they have discovered, they are constantly looking for new lands in the world of sound, combining the interminable game of improvisation with the melodic nature of traditional classical music. The musicians use various techniques to attract attention to yet unheard of sounds of jazz, receiving praise from professionals and their audiences. Their first album, ‘Baltic’, came out last year, and received the 2019 Golden Microphone Latvian music recording award in the Best Jazz Album category.


Event producer: Dzintari Concert Hall