Subscription. Musical Fairy Tales For Children

Pr. 03. Februāris 2020 11:00

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February 3, 9:45 AM, "Fairy Tale About The Sweet Pea"

In the beautiful garden every flower has its own place, as does the Sweet Pea. Only the proud Lily thinks otherwise. In our garden story the Weed and the Daisy also have their special roles.

Featuring: Sergejs Jēgers (voice), Sonora Vaice (voice), Atis Ieviņš (voice), Talis Sils Dance Academy led by Tālis Sils. The concert hosted by Karina Bērziņa.
Stage design and costumes – costume artist Ieva Ādamsone.


March 9, 9:45 AM, “Vroom, Vroom, The Cars Are Riding!“

When you’re on the road, be very careful. Mr Traffic Lights and Mr Lifting Barrier are carefully following antique and new, fast and not so fast cars.

Featuring: Juris Kaukulis (voice), Aija Andrejeva (voice), Jānis Aišpurs (voice), Ilona Bagele (voice) and other artists. 


April 6, 9:45 AM, “The Secrets of The Central Market, or How The Cucumber Made Friends With The Dill”

When the doors of the Market's vegetable pavilion close in the evening, true miracles start to take place here. All vegetables come to life. The Cucumber admires the beautiful Dill, but the Horse-Radish also likes her a lot. In the end everything turns out to be quite right, if we all understand how good it is not to fight, but to live as friends.

Featuring: The Cucumber – Goran Gora (voice, guitar), the Dill – Maija Sējāne (voice), the Horse-Radish – Lauris Valters (voice, piano, guitar) and other artists.


Event producer: Dzintari Concert Hall